What is Indonesian E-Visa?

What is Indonesian E-Visa?

In accordance with Regulation of Ministry of Law and Human Rights Number 26 Year 2020 Indonesian Immigration replaced the Visa Sticker/Label which was previously stamped in the applicant’s passport at Indonesian Embassies/Consulates with E-Visa. Indonesian E-Visa is now issued in form of a PDF file and directly sent to the applicant and sponsor of the visa via E-mail upon approval. This procedure eliminates the hassle of visa stamping at Indonesian Embassy/Consulate amidst COVID-19 pandemic. Upon receiving the E-Visa applicant can directly travel to Indonesia within the validity of the E-Visa which is 90 days.

E-Visa will be issued with all kind of Indonesian visas which require approval from Directorate General of Immigration, namely:

  1. Social/Business visa (Index 211 & 212)
  2. Temporary Stay Permit/ITAS (Index 312-319)

During COVID-19 Pandemic the E-Visa will be categorized as:

  1. Onshore – Foreign Citizen currently in Indonesia
  2. Offshore – Foreign Citizen outside Indonesia.

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